Enjoy Minecraft? Then You’ll Want To Pay Attention To The Kindred, An Upcoming City Building Survival Game

Indie game label Nkidu Games announces its partnership with The Kindred, an upcoming game combining city-building and survival in a voxel world shaped by your hand.

Beginning with only the bare essentials and a small group of Kin, venture into the unknown to uncover valuable resources, alter the landscape block-by-block, and transform a small village into a vast city of skyscrapers.

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The safety of the Kin is in your hands as you guide them through the challenges of harsh winters, disease, and starvation. As your population grows, research new technologies and develop the infrastructures to meet the needs of your Kin, providing them with food, transportation, and power – including a variety of green and not-so-green options.

Overview of key features:

-Construct your world block by block in any way you like. Start with a small village and then expand to create housing, skyscrapers, farms and transport networks to the meet the needs of your people.
-Research and unlock technologies as you explore. Discover and harvest resources to study and learn ways to enhance your town as you design, craft and build a new way of life for your people. 
-Power your cities with wind turbines, coal power plants and other ways both green and dangerous. Design efficient electrical infrastructure to keep your grid online. 
-Use Trucks, Trains and other vehicles to move resources and people over large distances. Design transport networks to automate supply chain. 
-Reproduction. What world would be complete without a way to populate it…
-And much, much more…

The team has been developing The Kindred since January 2012 and are currently working on an Alpha version.


4 thoughts on “Enjoy Minecraft? Then You’ll Want To Pay Attention To The Kindred, An Upcoming City Building Survival Game”

  1. Sounds cool. Looking forward to it.
    Do you know the exact date on when will it be released ? That’d be much appreciated 🙂


    1. Unfortunately the game is still in the alpha stage of development, however they do a great job of posting updates on their blog the Kindred.net

      I’ll definitely post a date as soon as it becomes available, it’ll probably be this time next year.

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