Friday The 13th: The Game Reaches The End Of Their Kickstarter And It’s Only The Beginning

Even though the Kickstarter campaign for Friday the 13th: The Game came to a close, on Friday November 13th, this is only the beginning for Gun Media & Illfonic as they successfully funded the game. Thanks to the fans and the 12,218 backers of the campaign, they were able to slaughter their $700K goal and raise a total of $823,704.

“We already had funding to make the original concept of the game,’ said Gun studio head and co-creator Wes Keltner. ‘The moment we became Friday the 13th: The Game, we knew we had a responsibility to give every single Friday the 13th fan (ourselves included), the game we’ve all been waiting for. To do that, Kickstarter was the answer, and fans have delivered!”

For those of you that might not have been following the campaign that closely, here’s a quick recap of; the stretch goals that were unlocked, what’s next for the stretch goals that weren’t funded, and a very early pre-alpha look at actual gameplay in action!

Horror Block
Stretch Goals Unlocked During The Campaign…

These were originally stretch goals, but when the team re-evaluated their needs and took a second look at their goals they decided these should’ve been a part of the $700,000 baseline funding goal.

Savini’s Workshop: Behind the scenes documentary-style interview. Watch Savini & his apprentice create an all-new Jason.

Sleeping Bag Kill: The famous sleeping bag kill against a tree, from Part VII, is added to the game as an environment kill.

In the final days of the campaign the fans kicked it into overdrive and rallied to show their support, unlocking the first 3 stretch goals…

Mirror Smash: Jason get’s 7 years of bad luck, in the most brutal way possible. This feature environmental kill, from Part VIII, is added to the game. This one was unlocked at $725,000.

Head Crush: The glorious 3D headcrush kill, from Part III, is added to the game, complete with pop out eyeball. This one was unlocked at $750,000.

Rip Your Heart Out: Jason gets the deadly move, from Part VI, added to his arsenal of kills. Rip out the hearts of counselors! This one was unlocked at $775,000.

Any fan of the Friday The 13th franchise knows the value of having an expansive arsenal of kills at your disposal as Jason, however there were a few other goals that the fans demanded. There were a large number of fans that actually refused to back the game, unless a single player mode was added to the final game. Even though this goal wasn’t funded during the Kickstarter, don’t think for a moment that it’s out of the question. We’re still going to have a chance to make these goals a reality…

Single Player Survival Challenge Mode: Single Player challenge game mode added. I believe this is the mode that’ll allow you to rewrite history as you’re able to re-live scenes from the film’s history, either as Jason from a 1st person perspective or a counselor. $1,625,000.

Offline Mode (Vs. Bots): Play the game against AI Bots. Practice avoiding Jason, or kill combos as him. $1,950,000.

Pamela Returns: Play as the original killer from the first Friday the 13th film, Jason’s mom, Pamela Voorhees! Complete with a whole new animation set. $3,775,000.

The team is working with Slacker Backer to give the fans the ability to continue pushing Friday the 13th: The Game over the edge, so they’ll have a chance to see the stretch goals they really want incorporated into the game, I’ll keep you posted as more details become available…

Friday The 13th Complete Stretch Goals Revealed 1

Holy Shit, Pre-Alpha Gameplay Revealed!

Do yourself a favor, turn the lights down and watch this on a screen that is bigger than your phone to ensure you’re able to see it clearly. And keep in mind, this is pre-alpha footage which means this is extremely early in the development stage. More than anything this stage is about developing and tuning the mechanics behind the game, once those are nailed then the team is able to focus on creating the final appearance of the game. This is an inside look into the development of a game that fans rarely ever get to see, most developers keep this early footage under wraps to avoid any misconceptions of what the final game will look and feel like. That just goes to show you how much they believe in the game and their fans…

Other than getting me all kinds of excited, this gameplay video provides us with some new insight into what it’ll be like to be Jason Voorhees and the counselors that he’s preying upon.

The version of Jason represented in the video doesn’t run, he has that determined walk that Kane Hodder perfected during his reign as the masked killer. However, he does seem to have a few supernatural abilities to aid you in your mission to slaughter those irresponsible counselors. Early in the clip you see Jason use a “short range morph” which essentially allowed him to ghost or teleport a short distance allowing him to get the drop on his prey. There’s another ability called “blink” that appears near the HUD on the lower right of the screen, however i can’t confirm if it was used during the gameplay or what it does if it was used. I can confirm that the Blink ability has a recharge rate and there are a limited number of Morph’s available, whether or not you’re able to earn more of these during the round I do not know.

Meanwhile, the counselor was pretty damn helpless and needed to rely on running as far and fast as possible while taking advantage of every opportunity to hide in the hopes that Jason would lose track of them. At one point the counselor shoots a brilliant red flare into the sky, which I’m assuming could be used as a means of warning the others and/ or possibly distracting Jason long enough to get away. However in this case it seemed to act as a beacon, alerting him to your location.

Curious to see what you might’ve missed during the campaign?

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