Leaping Tiger Is Bringing Gamers Together In The Real World, So Get Out And Meet Fellow Gamers In Your Area

Leaping Tiger, the location-based friend-finding app, is breaking the stereotype that gamers are essentially loners living in their parents basements.

Released for iOS and the web in May, this gaming focused extension of social media is now available on Android.

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A social discovery tool for gamers who want a simple way to make friends with people nearby who share similar gaming tastes, Leaping Tiger allows users to quickly find individuals to play with, consolidate their gamertags across all platforms, and engage with the surrounding gamer community.

Leaping Tiger provides a variety of intuitive features that allow users to:

-Create a Player Profile: Members can create a player profile housing all of their gamertags, so players with similar interests have the option to connect

-Check-In: Leaping Tiger lets the world know what games members are playing at that moment

-Instantly Connect: After finding a potential friend, users can instantly begin chatting, making it easy for gamers to organize online play sessions and meetups with the local community

-Find Local Gamers: Leaping Tiger prioritizes active members in a user’s area so gamers can locate others who share the same time zone, before searching worldwide

-Save Friends: After connecting with other Leaping Tiger members, users can save their favorite profiles to make future interactions via direct message with those individuals a breeze


The Leaping Tiger founders developed the app to fulfill the need for a simple and instant way to discover local gamers, emphasizing real connections over anonymity. 

“If Foursquare and Tinder had a baby, and that baby was really into gaming, that’s Leaping Tiger” Amy Potter, founder, Leaping Tiger, explains. “We have seen many social platforms move away from lengthy posts and extensive profiles, but social platforms for gamers have lagged behind. We think we are providing a product that is the evolution of the online social experience for gamers. We offer a streamlined set of tools to help the community instantly connect.”

While I was looking into the specifics of the Leaping Tiger app, I noticed that Facebook is currently the only form of account login that is accepted. Which prompted the following questions, why and are there any plans to expand this in the future?

This is what Amy Potter, founder, Leaping Tiger had to say, “We utilise Facebook login for a number of reasons, including to combat the anonymity of a gaming username – we believe more meaningful friendships are built around a real identity! It also means we are able to more easily connect you with your existing friends, and keep you instantly updated on what they’re playing across all platforms. We will look to add other login means for Leaping Tiger in the near future, but the extent of exactly what and when is not yet confirmed.”

The app is available now on iOS & Android devices for free, so put yourself out there and game on!


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