Twitch Interactivity Is Headed To The Terrifying Penthouse Suite In Skyhill

Skyhill is a noir survival roguelike in an apocalyptic setting, published by Daedalic and developed by Mandragora. Players will walk in the shoes of Perry who survived World War III and now also an atrocious assault with bio-weapons. He survived, because he resided in the penthouse suite of the high class Skyhill Hotel when the world began to change for the worse. Mutants lurk everywhere, eager to rip anyone to shreds with their claws. Scavenging for supplies, Perry has to fight his way through the 100 hazardous floors of the Skyhill Hotel.

Giving the fans what they want, Daedalic and Mandragora are bringing Twitch interactivity to Skyhill by introducing its own Livestream Mode on as of November 28th!

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From November 20th until the 27th this new feature will be available for testing to everyone who’s interested.

The new Livestream Mode lets players directly connect to Twitch via the in-game menu, enabling game control via Twitch chat. This way, viewers can influence the game and play together with the streamer.