Determined To Make Gaming Music Accessible, Scarlet Moon Records Is Offering Their Entire Bandcamp Library This Weekend. So Name Your Price!

Whether you’re a gamer or someone that just appreciates great music, here’s a deal worthy of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday madness…

Scarlet Moon Records, determined to bring gaming music to the masses, is pleased offer its entire Bandcamp catalog on a “name your price” basis for four days only beginning Black Friday (November 27) through Cyber Monday (November 30).

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Saturday Morning RPG – Featuring Vince DiCola ofTransformers: The Movie (1986), Transformers: Devastation, and Rocky IV fame.


Dragon Fantasy Book II – 16-bit JRPG-flavored goodness fromDale North.


Monarch: Heroes of a New Age – Korean fantasy MMORPG with an epic orchestral soundtrack by Goomin “Nauts” Nam of TalesWeaver and DJMAX.


Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Arrangements & Variations – Remixes by GENTLE LOVE (Metal Gear Solid’s Norihiko Hibino & AYAKI), Dale NorthJoshua Morse, and Goomin Nam.


Silent Horror – A love letter to Silent HillDale North’s score is a perfect survival horror soundtrack for a cold, lonely night.

Check out their entire Bandcamp Library and take advantage of this crazy deal.

Scarlet Moon Records is your game music destination for original soundtracks and unique arrangement albums. They work hard to find game music that’s not currently available to fans but needs to be heard, as well as producing arrangement albums featuring artists from around the globe.