Insanely Fun Co-op Brawler, Zombie Vikings Pays Tribute To Raz From Psychonauts

In honor of Double Fine and their crowdfunding campaign for Psychonauts 2, the team at Zoink! Has decided to pay tribute to Raz. Of course, in order to introduce the loveable main character from Psychonauts into the insane mayhem that is Zombie Vikings… He had to die.

But with the power of creative mojo, he’s somehow travelled back in time and joined a gang of zombified Vikings. Raz-ombie will be available soon as free DLC.
Nerd Block

”Drawing Raz from Psychonauts as a gangly dead Viking in our art style has been an amazing honor” said Klaus lyngeled, Creative Director for Zoink! “To make him fit into our style and universe of Zombie Vikings I immediately started designing this weird rotten viking version of him. Below you can see a few of the first sketches. It was important to me that even though he is now dead and a viking, you still feel that it’s Raz.”



“Zombie Vikings is really funny and has lots of style! Just like real vikings!” says Tim Schafer from Double Fine.


“We also decided to give Raz-ombie his own signature move, and after bouncing a few ideas with Tim ended up designing this awesome bacon attack that good old Ford Cruller shoots from this head. We also wanted to give him a really special weapon. In the end, we got inspired by the two-headed baby in the Double Fine logo and gave him a pretty stunning double bladed sword!”

Raz-ombie will be available as a free DLC character on PS4 & Steam, around the same time as a huge update to Zombie Vikings that will also be introducing Oink the Unicorn Pig.