Batman: Arkham Knight January DLC Update Officially Revealed

Today we received official news, courtesy the Arkham Community Manager on the WB Games Forum, that we’ll be receiving the next wave of DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight this month.

Beginning January 19th PC gamers will get first crack at Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6, while those of us console gamers will get to dive  on January 26th.

In addition to the new maps we’ll also be receiving the Batman Incorporated skin as a part of this DLC Pack.

Curious to see where this next round of DLC will take you? Then you’ll want to check out the below image as it does a great job of revealing just enough to get your mind spiraling, of course if you’re a die hard Batman fan then you’ll recognize quite a bit.


Of course a few amateur detectives already stumbled onto the achievement list for this content on Steam, between these images you should have a pretty clear idea of the iconic enemies that Rocksteady & WB Games will be Unleashing upon us and where those epic battles will take place.


Where do you think we’ll be heading in January and who are you hoping to encounter?