Mobile Gamers Prepare To Engage In An Epic Fantasy RPG As Juggernaut Wars Approaches Release On iOS & Android Devices is pleased to announce Juggernaut Wars, a hot new fantasy RPG for Android and iOS mobile platforms is launching this February.

Juggernaut Wars features dynamic combat systems and is playable in short sessions, allowing for the convenience to fight anytime, anywhere. Players will assemble a team of their favorite heroes and return to explore the fascinating world of Haradan – a world familiar to fans of its predecessor “Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering”, the multi-million download RPG hit from 2012.
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The world of Haradan has fallen in turmoil and a devastating civil war has further divided its two factions: the League and the Cohort. The ruler of the last city that was capable of keeping peace, disappears under violent and suspicious circumstances. Only the player’s team of heroes can journey the predatory wastelands and woodlands to unravel its mysteries and use cunning and speed in battle to restore order to Haradan.


Key features:

•Set in the legendary universe of Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering.
•Choose your own “dream team” from a vast roster of fearless heroes, each with their own unique abilities. Collect and enchant weapons to enhance their combat effectiveness and further customize their characters.
•Fast paced strategic combat, presented on a diverse set of colorful battlefields presented in gorgeous 3D graphics
•A multitude of game modes including: a full story Campaign, PvP with epic wars between clans and Trials in which players work together with friends to defeat special monsters in the dangerous world fights.