Remember The Fun Times Of Hide & Seek As A Kid? Refuge Is A Gritty, Dark Rendition That Would’ve Terrified As A Child

It isn’t everyday that I stumble onto a Kickstarter project that gets me excited, however the mere premise for Refuge was enough to peak my interest. When you take the concept and combine it with the atmospheric beauty contained within the world of Refuge, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited…

Anybody who has enjoyed the breathless anticipation of hide-and-seek will be hooked by Refuge, a stylish video game, being launched on Kickstarter, which brings a gritty twist to this gentle pursuit.

This novel two-player title is set on a fantastical island settlement named ‘The Ark’ where both of the characters have mysteriously washed up. The aim is simple: to survive longer than the other player. You can either hunt down and kill your opponent directly – or hide and ‘outlive’ them amid the harsh elements on the Ark.

So will you hunt or try to survive the longest? The choice is yours. 

Here’s a pixel version of the atmospheric trailer… Keep in mind this is only the first prototype, your support is needed to bring the final game to life.


The Refuge concept was created by Fox Rogers, an award-winning designer and game developer at Evol-London. It was inspired by ‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’ (a game set in the Shropshire countryside) and evokes the dangerously dark atmosphere of Sin City. The gameplay draws upon classic titles such as Journey, Myst, and Bastion and yet still feels entirely original. 


Refuge is scheduled for release by Autumn 2016 on the Steam platform, initially as a PC title. It has begun to attract a cult following and achieved a big chunk of its funding target within a few days. The game’s development is well underway, with a functioning prototype ready. If this Kickstarter gets funded,  the entire budget will be used to bring in another Unity developer so that Refuge is ready for its Autumn 2016 launch.

Fox Rogers comments, “As a child I loved being outside. My friends and I would play a variation of hide-and-seek called ‘manhunt’, which was a team-based hunt, and this is what shaped the idea of Refuge. I wanted to capture that feeling of anticipation – and deciding on your next move with bated breath.”

“Refuge was also inspired by the games and films that have moved me. Titles such as Journey, Myst, Bastion, Monument Valley, Limbo, Ico and many others. These are what convinced me to attempt to make a beautiful experience of my own.”

You can also check out Fox’s progress and see if he’s working in real-time at where you can see him in action live on uStream. Ask Questions about Refuge, say hello, and if you help Fox raise money (£35+) and tweet him #foxisworking, he’ll do a shot of vodka whilst he works (starting 6.30pm GMT).

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