An Online Retailer Inadvertantly Leaks New Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures & Power Discs

Over the last few months people have been speculating as to whether or not we’ll be seeing any additional characters being released for Disney Infinity 3.0. Based on the communication I’ve seen from Disney’s various social media channels typically respond with a standard response of, nothing has been confirmed at this time but keep an eye out for more information.

Usually that sort of a response leaves me with a pretty good idea of the answer, even if it can’t be confirmed as of yet… Well, now it’s official.

Thanks to a leak on, they revealed the below characters & power discs ahead of schedule.

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The Marvel Universe will continue to expand in 3.0 with the release of Ant Man, Black Panther, Vision, and a 3.0 release of the Black Suit Spiderman figure that was previously only available with the Playstation Vita 2.0 Starter Pack.




disny infinity 3.0 symbiote spidey


I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing these characters & Power Discs release alongside the Marvel’s Battlegrounds PlaySet, which is currently showing a release date of March 15th on Amazon. Check out the retail packaging and all of the details we’ve assembled for the Marvel Battlegrounds Playset.

Of course that isn’t all, we’ll be seeing the lovable Baloo from the Jungle Book.


At this time I’d hate to speculate on a release date for the Baloo figure, but I’m sure we’ll be finding out soon enough.

Of course there is something else that is very interesting about these images, if you notice all of the figures (aside from Spiderman) and Power Discs have an internet connectivity icon listed on the front of the packaging which gives the appearance that an internet connection will be required. I’m assuming internet will only be required for the first time using the figure, as it’ll likely prompt 3.0 to download an update adding the character to your roster. This is reinforced by the Marvel Battlegrounds page on the Disney Infinity site, which clearly states “internet connection required for content update.” This leads me to believe that these figures, Power Discs, and the Marvel Battlegrounds Playset were late additions to the Disney Infinity Universe, late enough that the content supporting all of these wonderful items didn’t make it into the final version of the game at release. The Disney Infinity team has stated on numerous occasions that it takes approximately 11 months to bring a figure to life, from concept to full fledge physical figure.

Makes you wonder how long these have been in the works that they didn’t make it into the game initially? It also makes me wonder if they’ve managed to make improvements that would allow them to shorten that development time, allowing for the possibility of creating more post release content based on the fans suggestions?

I’ll keep you posted if any new developments should arise. Based on the current information, which character(s) are you most excited to play? Who are you still waiting to make an appearance in the game?


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