The Deadly Tower Of Monsters Captures 70’s Sci-fi B Movie Greatness On PS4 & PC

Egads! Prepare yourselves for the greatest space odyssey ever created in this galaxy. Action! Adventure! Otherworldly creatures and more await only the most intrepid explorers!

Can the daring spaceman Dick Starspeed, his faithful mechanical copilot Robot, and the mysterious space diva Scarlet Nova survive… The Deadly Tower of Monsters?

Find out today, as ACE Team’s sci-fi action extravaganza is now available for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is $14.99, but for a limited 2 week period, will be on sale for 33% off! Steam users will also receive a promo digital calendar! 

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is framed as a 1970s sci-fi film, directed by the fictional Dan Smith and starring Jonathan Digby, Stacy Sharp, and a no name actor, that features all the charm and cheesiness of your favorite B-movie. After crash-landing onto the hostile planet of Gravoria, fearless hero Dick Starspeed must deftly navigate the treacherous landscape in order to rendezvous with his trusty sidekick Robot. They eventually meet up with the fiery Scarlet Nova, and must ascend the eponymous Deadly Tower of Monsters in order to stop the cruel Emperor of Gravoria. 

But wait! The tower is filled with hideous monsters, alien nightmares from outer space, and gross abominations. Pipe worms and nukular ants and puppybots, oh my! Fear not space explorers, because Dick Starspeed and crew have a few tricks up their sleeves. Using a variety of weapons and skills, the trio can zap, whack, burn, and disintegrate their way up the tower. And if going up isn’t enough, the intergalactic adventurers can freefall off the tower to find secret areas and hidden treasures! Of course, all this heart-pounding action accompanied by director Dan Smith’s “insightful” commentary on the “groundbreaking” film process. 

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is available digitally on PlayStation Network and Steam in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. While the game is normally priced at $14.99, it is discounted 33% off from today until Feb. 2.