Overpower Storms Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight With Their Medieval Shooter Style MOBA

Overpower is a medieval 3rd person shooter. The goal is to offer players a skill based MMO style PvP experience that allows players to progress their class without the need to grind for months.

Like an MMO game it offers class based progression, allowing players to unlock new abilities, weapons, armor, and eventually more classes. Mix and match abilities and weapons to create unique customizable play style within each class.

Today Overpower launched both, their Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaigns along with a new trailer!
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The Lore

All Resources were shared without restraint between all classes of life. Harmony existed for eons and was believed to last eternally but this belief was fractured when The Splinter occurred…

The skies parted and lightning cracked. Wind whipped and tore. Oceans crashed and boiled. The ground rumbled and split. Chaos consumed. When the ashes cleared the world was near unrecognizable. 

The sky was a darker tinge. The wind blew cold. Oceans rose higher while others dried. The single mass was divided and so were those that still lived.

Separated by vast distances of ocean and land, individual species struggled to find a way to survive on their own. Their salvation was found in mysterious Runes left in the wake of the great disaster. Mystical in nature and limitless in use, every being discovered a unique manipulation of the precious rocks that became keystones to their species existence. 

With survival hinging on a limited resource, hostilities quickly grew and war erupted over the Runes, a war that still rages to this day…

Game Features

•Fast Paced Twitch Combat inspired by Counter – Strike, Quake, and Unreal Tournament!
•Team Wide Buffs to enhance the gameplay experience.  Team based Damage / Health / Movement speed buffs bring new strategies into classic game modes!
•70+ Class Based Abilities add a variety of gameplay and advanced meta options!
•9 Levels featuring unique lighting and locations all over Arkland!
•5 Game Modes to keep gameplay fast and refreshing!
     •Team Deathmatch
     •Last Team Standing
     •Control Points
     •Critter Capture
4 Classes to choose from with plans to add many more!
•Male and Female Playable Genders choose your preference like any MMORPG!

Ready to learn more about Overpower, then head on over to their Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaign pages to see what’s next. And if you’re onboard, take a moment to show your support and let them know they’ve got you in their corner. Just remember a financial contribution isn’t the only way to show your support, sometimes the best thing you can do is take to social media and let others know why Overpower should be on their radar.