You Can Now Pre-Order The Eerie, Episodic, Mystery Kona: Day One & Score Beta Access

Parabole has opened pre-orders for Kôna: Day One, the first act of its eerie interactive tale set in the 1970s Canadian north.

When private detective Carl Faubert arrives in a small town to investigate strange cases of vandalism, he finds the area is unusually quiet; except for a devastating blizzard. Where is his client? What could possibly have happened?

Players who pre-order Kôna: Day One will receive a 30% discount as well as access to the Beta beginning January 29.
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In the Beta, players will begin investigating the town’s secrets, explore a portion of the snowy environment using Carl’s pickup truck, and even encounter hostile wildlife.

When the game is released, players who placed their pre-orders will receive both a DRM-free copy and a Steam key for use on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

All four Kôna acts will be purchasable individually and playable in any order. 

Developed by Parabole, a small group of talented developers based in Quebec city. Having launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for Kôna in September 2014, the team promises to produce one of the most unique first-person adventure games you’ve ever played.