Fall In Love With The PS Plus Free Games For February 2016

While you take a break from making your Valentine’s Day mailboxes and trying to decide which of your friends  to give the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Captain America Civil War Valentine’s Day cards, Sony’s hoping PS Plus members will fall in love with them all over again as they reveal the February free games.

Nom Nom Galaxy (PS4): Blending tower defense, sandbox exploration, co-op platforming, resource management and construction into a unique interstellar experience!

Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back (PS4, PS3, PS Vita): It’s hardcore, cooperative, twin stick shooter from the creators of Magicka. As part of the elite unit called the HELLDIVERS, players must work together to protect SUPER EARTH and defeat the enemies of mankind in an intense intergalactic war.

Lemmings Touch (PS Vita): Whether you’re a long-time Lemmings fan or are experiencing the mayhem for the first time, Lemmings Touch is the most accessible version yet. With a new set of puzzles and ways to play & many, many more ways to meet their doom.

Nova-111 (PS Vita): Sci-fi themed turn-based adventure game with a real-time action twist. Explore alien worlds and combat fiendish alien creatures in your quest to restore the flow of time, all in the name of SCIENCE! Navigate mind-warping puzzles and engage in strategic battles with bizarre astrobiological creatures in a twisted environment where the turn-based world and the real-time world collide.    

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax (PS3): An Army of Shadows is attacking. Who could be the one behind it all? Now, the ultimate tag team returns to present another super-heated battle! 

Grid Autosport (PS3): It’s all about the teams, the rivals & the race in an intense world of professional motorsport. Racing alongside a teammate, overcome key rivals & satisfy team sponsors in ferocious races where every pass & position count.

Which title are you most excited to get your hands on? I’ll say this, if you have a PS4 and don’t already own Helldivers there’s no better time than now.