Want The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card For The Trekkie In Your Life? Star Trek: Alien Domain Has The Perfect Solution For You

What’s better than an old-fashioned Valentine’s Day card?

A special Star Trek: Alien Domain-themed Valentine’s Day card, plus $50 of in-game currency.

From February 2nd to February 16th, you can create and send your very own Star Trek-themed Valentine’s Day cards during Star Trek: Alien Domain’s special Valentine’s Day event.


Choose from sentiments such as:

 “I’d wear a red shirt for you”

 “Care to be my number one?”

“You make my heart go maximum warp!”

Send your Valentine’s card to your sweetheart, and you can be one of 214 winners of $50 worth of in-game currency — making these cards very special indeed.

Spread the love further by sharing and following the event on social media, and you can earn even more entries. All you need is a GameSamba account to get started. To learn more about earning entries and to create your Valentine’s Day card, visit the official event page.


In addition to the Valentine’s Day card event, players in Star Trek: Alien Domain can look forward to celebrating the holiday in-game. Players will be able to take part in new events — allowing them to win a variety of rewards, including special Valentine’s edition Federation and Klingon starships.

For more information on the game, Valentine’s Day events and other upcoming in-game events, visit the official Star Trek: Alien Domain website.

Star Trek: Alien Domain is an officially-licensed multiplayer strategy game by GameSamba that takes place many years after the USS Voyager’s return to the Alpha Quadrant. After being exposed to Fluidic Space, the extra dimensional realm home of Species 8472, the Federation and Klingon Empire begin researching the potential dangers of their new enemy.

Discovering an anomaly resembling the rifts created by Species 8472, the Federation and Klingon Empire send small research teams to investigate. Unaware that this is the latest step in a long-running trap designed by Species 8472, the research teams are sucked into the anomaly and left stranded in Fluidic Space.

It’s up to you to take control of Federation or Klingon forces as you battle it out with Species 8472. Unable to call for reinforcements or supplies from Headquarters, you must build a base, gather resources and construct your own ships if wish to make it out of Fluidic Space alive. Build up your fleet of ships and customize your arsenal as you fight your way across Fluidic Space. Establish colonies on remote planets to further increase your resource and production output. Engage Species 8472 using a grid-based battle system that will test your tactical prowess. Knowing where and how to balance your fleet’s weapons can make the difference between failure and overwhelming superiority. If things start looking grim, activate your fleet’s special abilities to gain the upper hand and turn the tide of battle. You can take on bounty missions to earn extra resources or even show off your fleet’s strength in online PvP battles.