By Night Studios Has Successfully Funded Their Immersive Live Action RPG Werewolf The Apocalypse, But There’s More To Do In Their Stretch Goals

By Night Studios has successfully achieved its Kickstarter funding goal for its new edition of Mind’s Eye Theatre Werewolf The Apocalypse, an immersive live-action roleplaying game set in White Wolf’s legendary World of Darkness.

Since its debut in 1991, White Wolf’s World of Darkness game franchise has spawned top-selling video games, comic books, novels, a network TV show, trading card games, tabletop roleplaying games and a family of LIVE ACTION ROLEPLAYING products popular worldwide.

By Night Studios is the official licensed publisher of Mind’s Eye Theatre products for White Wolf Publishing, and its interactive entertainment games are currently played monthly by over 400 groups of enthusiastic gamers in over 20 countries.

Marking twenty-two years since Werewolf’s original release in the LIVE ACTION medium, By Night Studios will bring a new edition of Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse to the worldwide audience. Using Kickstarter, the popular crowd-funding site, they have raised over $75,000 to date. There are still 20 days left to go in the project and a number of ambitious stretch goals left to achieve, including a series of never-before-created tribe pins for the Werewolf community.

Following the successful Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade release, Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse also takes two decades worth of learnings about the iconic World of Darkness game setting and creates a perfect companion product designed specifically for the LARP audience.

The book will be a 400+ full-color pages with an updated and modern story, balanced rules, and stunning artwork that will appeal to all werewolf fans. Created to be played effortlessly alongside the previously released Mind’s Eye Theatre: Vampire The Masquerade, it is currently available from the By Night Studios Kickstarter page. 

So What’s in the Book?

•This is a complete game, containing everything you need to enjoy Werewolf The Apocalypse in one of its most thrilling formats.

•A streamlined character creation systemthat is quick yet comprehensive.

•A new cinematic yet mathematically-balanced rules system developed specifically to support the story and style of a live action Werewolf The Apocalypse environment. Their new system is capable of handling everything from one-on-one rank challenges to mass combats involving hundreds of characters.

•An updated story that frames the epic tale of the Garou for the 21st century. We are honored to be working closely with White Wolf’s Lead Storyteller Martin Elricsson to infuse MET: Werewolf with a powerful narrative and mature story that helps usher in the new era of the World of Darkness.

Dynamic social roleplaying systems for renown, staredowns, and moots.

•Updated and streamlined spirit rules that scale from a gaffling all the way up to the most potent celestine.

Gorgeous new full-color art that faithfully depicts this savage yet spiritual world.

Support, guidance, and advice for Storytellers covering everything from how to run engaging scenarios to personalizing your chronicle. Learn to customize your game to give your players the story they want, and how to reflect the sense of noble desperation that marks the early days of The Apocalypse.

•A brand-new Quest system that allows players to quickly create and participate in important story-based quests without complicated rules and with minimal Storyteller supervision.

All thirteen tribes plus 5 Fera: the Bastet, Ratkin, Corax, Nuwisha, and Gurahl.

•If they hit all of our stretch goals, we will add additional Fera to the book – Ajaba, Nagah, Rokea, Ananasi, Mokole, and Kitsune – as well as advanced NPC rules for the Black Spiral Dancers. Help us smash our stretch goals to add more to our already massive book!

Bone Gnawer Theurge art from MET: Werewolf by Scott Harben

By Night Studios is thrilled and deeply fortunate to have one of the most skilled cinematic illustrators in the business taking the visual lead on Mind’s Eye Theatre: Werewolf The Apocalypse. Few artists are as skilled as Scott Harben when it comes to blending the realistic with the fantastic, and now he’s combining this visual authenticity with his long-time love of Werewolf. A world-class photographer, Scott is also a multitalented and accomplished sculptor and digital artist whose work has illustrated the worlds of Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and many others. We are very grateful to Scott for helping bring the Garou to life in a way unlike anything that has been done or seen before!

Having raised more than $75K By Night Studios has successfully funded Werewolf The Apocalypse, however they have so much more planned for this gaming experience that can be unlocked in their stretch goals. If you haven’t yet checked out their Kickstarter campaign, then here’s your chance to get onboard and dive into the dark & Gritty world of Werewolf.

Of course we’re not always able to financially back every crowdfunding campaign that pops on our radar, however there are other ways to show your support… Take to social media, tell your friends & family, and let the world know why this should be in their sights.

By Night Studios is a New Orleans-based company with a singular mission: to usher in a renaissance for the World of Darkness Mind’s Eye Theatre experience. Its founders and staff are all long-time fans of the World of Darkness and enthusiastic advocates of Live Action games. They include game industry professionals who, for almost two decades, have been involved in the creation and promotion of World of Darkness products and Mind’s Eye Theatre events.