About Us

We’re your Average Nobody’s…

We’re passionate about all things in the realm of nerd culture, this is our forum to share that passion with you.

wpid-wp-1424368197835.jpegJason Heimbach (Co-Founder & CEO)
First and foremost, I’m a devoted husband and father to the 3 nerdiest kids in all of NW Arkansas. How many parents can say, their 7 year old knows the difference between Dick Grayson and Jason Todd?I’m proud to say I can…

I’m driven by the things that I’m passionate about, which is what drove us to create this site. With that being said, I’ll always do what’s needed to provide for my family. Unfortunately that means I spend far too much time doing things that I’m not passionate about, in order to give them what they need. Hopefully, one day, that’ll all change and I’ll be able to do what I love for the people I love.

Unfortunately my business partner has stepped down from the company to attend to personal matters. At this time I’m the sole content creator for the site, which means there may be lulls in content during my regular work schedule (Friday – Monday). However I’ll do everything I can to provide news, upcoming releases, first Impressions, reviews, articles, etc…

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