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Line up changes

Hello everybody welcome to averagenobodys.com. First off thanks for checking out the site. We greatly appreciate it. Now as the title states we are going through another change. Based on the information we have two of our current video line ups will be changing. Hopefully this will provide you with content that is in line with your taste.

So this week will be our last Firefight Friday. When we started we knew shooters ranked at the top of most everyone’s list. But what are we going to do instead? Well luckily Sony and Microsoft give out free games each month! So now we will be playing and doing mini reviews of some of the selected titles.

Now as for the 2nd video series… well, ¬†Wayback Wednesdays doesn’t seem to be bringing out retro-game love. So we will be moving away from them at some point in the future. On else we set the new project in stone.

Now let us know. What do you think? What do you want to see? Sound off below.

Welcome to Average Nobodys

We’re your Average Nobody’s… We’re definitely not the best, we might not even be that good. But we love gaming, Comics and the community that comes with it. Let us know what you think and what you want to see.

Indie Spotlight – We play some of the coolest indie games out there.

Terrifying Tuesdays – Horror is the theme. Any game that can scare (cheap scares count) will be played.

Wayback Wednesdays – Old games… well at least 5 years old. Some of our favorite and not so favorite classics for this show.

Themeless Thursdays – Anything goes. That’s right our mood will decide the game of the day. Or maybe we’ll hold a vote?

Free Games – Selecting one of the free monthly games from Microsoft or Sony.

Be sure to check out our videos, read a post, leave a comment and follow us everywhere.(YouTube, Twitter and Twitch)