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Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds, Everything We Know About The Upcoming Playset

Disney Interactive definitely raised the bar with Disney Infinity 3.0, the newly added features and overall ease of use enhancements to the creativi toys & logic connections makes for a magical toy box gaming experience.

Even when you take a look at the 3.0 Playsets, compared to those from 2.0, they deliver a far more satisfying experience that immerses gamers of all ages into the fun and engaging gameplay. However despite all of the accolades that the current playsets have received, the upcoming Marvel Battlegrounds has easily been one of the most anticipated as it promises to bring a completely new style of gameplay to Infinity. Fans have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the Super Smash Bros. styled arena brawler that’ll allow you to breathe new life into all of your Marvel figures.

“With Disney Infinity 3.0, we’ve aimed to provide a wider variety of gameplay you’re playing a play set intended for so many characters,” said Disney Infinity 3.0 Art Director Jeff Bunker. “We’ve had cross-over characters and that’s been a lot of fun, but the gameplay is more of a perk, a bonus. In the case of ‘Battlegrounds,’ it’s our intention to bring all of those characters together and be balanced.”

Even though we’re still eagerly awaiting the release of this Playset, today we get our first look at the retail packaging for Marvel Battlegrounds and we’ll dig into the details.

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Avengers Age of Ultron Review

The years first most anticipated movie. This hit theaters May 1st. So of course as a fan of the Marvel universe I had to see it. But is it worth your time and money?
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