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Dragon Quest Heroes Unveils An Insightful Story Trailer

SQUARE ENIX today unveiled a new story trailer for DRAGON QUEST HEROES®: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below™, giving players a deeper look at the game’s colorful cast and lively world. Fans can view captains of the Royal Guard, Luceus and Aurora join forces with franchise favorites including DRAGON QUEST IV‘s tomboy Alena and DRAGON QUEST VIII‘s reformed bandit Yangus as they plow through hordes of formidable monsters.

Fans will recognize familiar faces from the DRAGON QUEST series as they utilize each character’s unique abilities and vastly different play styles in battle. From Kiryl’s lance that keep enemies at bay or Nera’s magic bubbles that blast monsters away, players can choose from twelve iconic DRAGON QUEST heroes. The roster will also feature newcomers including heavy hitter Doric, the King of Arba, and the brilliant Isla, Arba’s cunning scientist.
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