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Dragon Quest Heroes Unveils An Insightful Story Trailer

SQUARE ENIX today unveiled a new story trailer for DRAGON QUEST HEROES®: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below™, giving players a deeper look at the game’s colorful cast and lively world. Fans can view captains of the Royal Guard, Luceus and Aurora join forces with franchise favorites including DRAGON QUEST IV‘s tomboy Alena and DRAGON QUEST VIII‘s reformed bandit Yangus as they plow through hordes of formidable monsters.

Fans will recognize familiar faces from the DRAGON QUEST series as they utilize each character’s unique abilities and vastly different play styles in battle. From Kiryl’s lance that keep enemies at bay or Nera’s magic bubbles that blast monsters away, players can choose from twelve iconic DRAGON QUEST heroes. The roster will also feature newcomers including heavy hitter Doric, the King of Arba, and the brilliant Isla, Arba’s cunning scientist.
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ARK: Survival Evolved Is Having A Steam Free Weekend, Will You Be The Fittest?

Today Studio Wildcard announced that ARK: Survival Evolved is having a Free Weekend on Steam, starting at 10 am PST today, Thursday, August 27, through 1 pm PST, Sunday, August 30. The open-world dinosaur adventure game is freely available to everyone for this limited time to jump in and start exploring the massive island.

Throughout this Free Weekend there will be hundreds of new Official Servers featuring a one-time-only “Extinction Event” Meteor Impact, and special items to find randomly in Supply Crates. When you take these “Strange Artifacts” out of the crate it will have a Steam code on it, redeemable for 50% off of ARK: Survival Evolved, or in some cases a free copy of ARK: Survival Evolved. But beware!! If someone kills you, then they can take the code away and use it for themselves. Continue reading ARK: Survival Evolved Is Having A Steam Free Weekend, Will You Be The Fittest?

A cute artistic game about a Dragon

So every once in a while as you go through your daily routine something will jump out and smack you in the face. That’s what happened here. DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon wasn’t on my radar… heck I’d never heard of it. Well here we go, one game that has flew into my mind. Check out the details.

DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon is a completely hand-drawn action RPG with fun gameplay, cartoonish-loveable characters, and adorable picture book aesthetic.  You are Dragon, who is obviously a dragon, on an adventure to rescue his cohabiting girlfriend from the mean king.  He isn’t here to save the planet, or even a country; like any other dragon, he’s just in it for himself.  Dragon isn’t a hero, he’s just a layabout trying his best to perpetuate his freewheeling lifestyle.  Be an exciting new type of protagonist: one who isn’t heroic at all!

But being a not-a-hero has isn’t easy.  When your best skill is whistling and your idea of exercise is walking over to the fridge to get a microwave dinner, and life decides to send you on a grand adventure, chances are that you aren’t very ready to fight your way through knights and soldiers.  You probably can’t even fly for more than a second or two, but if you want to get your simple life back, you’re gonna have to learn how.  If you enjoy games of a relaxing pace that still feature exciting and comically imposing bosses, beautiful art, fantastic music, lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek writing, all designed to perfection with love every step of the way, you’ll love DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon!

■ An entirely hand-drawn world.  Every last detail has an authentic touch of love!

■ Beautiful classical animation, just like in a cartoon.  Each individual frame is designed to animate smoothly on its own merit–no digital tweening allowed!

■ DRAGON is a marriage of the 16-bit and modern eras.  It’s an interpretation of what spritework might’ve advanced and evolved into in the current day.

■ A fantastic soundtrack by the brilliant Zack Parrish.  You heard his sweeping, orchestral score in Valdis Story; now hear his upbeat, SNES-style composition style here!

■ From story sequences to silent animations and even simple item descriptions, DRAGON conveys lighthearted and endearing narration guaranteed to make you smile!

Be the dragon!

■ Fly!  Use your dragon breath!  Learn new breath types!  Give humans a hard time!  Freeze them, set them on fire, short out mechanical monsters… do everything a dragon can–and would–do!

■ Adjust the challenge to suit your preferences.  Level up and find treasures to become so powerful that you can fly over anything and no boss could ever hope to stop you… or ignore it all and face the game with your skills alone!

■ Take multiple routes through your quest!  Choose between branching areas on the world map, or play them all!  Plus, stages within stages: if multiple paths on the world map wasn’t enough, play through areas that are completely different depending on the paths you take within them!

■ Find treasures locked behind puzzles to increase your strength and add them to Dragon’s hoard!  Don’t like puzzles with cartoon logic?  Skip ’em, no strings attached!  It’s all about freedom of choice.

■ See the game from a different perspective by unlocking the Hawaiian Creole English language setting, which I can guarantee absolutely no other game has!

■ Tons of options!  Rebind the keyboard controls, select reader-friendly fonts, hit point display for the color impaired, and more!

DRAGON is out now on Steam with a price tag of $5.99.We will be playing DRAGON and posting our thoughts on the game. As always we want to hear from you, leave a comment below and tell us what you think. See below for more on the dev. (Links to Twitter & YouTube)

More from the Developer
Games With Dragons In is an independent game studio that’s been working on projects since 2012. Well, I say studio, but in reality, it’s actually more like a singular enthusiast making all the assets and hammering away at code that has been described on multiple occasions as “like looking at the programming version of outsider art.” All music and sound engineering work is done on independent contract. Everything else is just one guy with no pedigree beyond, well, this. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t tried with all our might to put our best foot forward with our inaugural title, DRAGON: A Game About a Dragon.

I’m the sort of linguist who didn’t pursue an MBA, so dispensing with marketing jargon for a moment, the goal of Games With Dragons In is simple: we wish to make, well, games with dragons in them in some shape or form, and to make the people who play them smile. In an age where everyone endeavors to be dark and pretentious, we attempt to make bright and happy games about best friends and lovers, plus maybe some silly message about freedom, equality, and egalitarianism buried really, really deep underneath the puppies and rainbows… or, uh, dragons and rainbows in this case.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy what has been made here, and I hope that we will be allowed to continue to make games of a different genre, but very similar flavor, in the near future.