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A BiT of Fun Evolving to Steam June 9th

Major Games, Inc., an Orlando game development studio, proudly announces the release of their debut project, “BiT Evolution.” The game will be available for PC and Mac, June 9th, 2015. Currently available on Steam Early Access, the title has already sold over 8000 copies and has received very positive feedback from the gaming community. This Early Access push took less than five months, and is ready to take the 2D retro gaming community by storm. Connor VanDyke, President of Major Games, guided and executed this release, readying it for the world to enjoy. “I’m extremely proud of my team for getting BiT Evolution shipped in such a timely fashion,” VanDyke says, “It’s been a crazy five months and we’re excited to see this game in more players’ hands.”

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Bit Evolution – Growing through the Generations

One thing I love is finding out about new games. So I was pleasantly surprised when I heard of BiT Evolution. The game is currently on Steam’s Early Access program. I was able to get some game time on BiT Evolution over the past week.
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