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Solar Crusaders On PC Challenges You To Explore Dozens Of Star Systems In A Densely Populated Persistent Universe

solar crusaders

Startup indie games developer from Silicon Valley Puremana Studios is proud to announce the kickoff of a crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter™ to accelerate the development of Solar Crusaders, their ambitious launch-title offering to player’s an advanced multiplayer strategy game set in a persistent online universe.

Gameplay Trailer:

Recently Greenlit via Steam™ and currently halfway through its four year development cycle, Solar Crusaders includes the best of top-down strategy with its 4 x gameplay elements, sandbox universe, real-time battles and its advanced simulated virtual economy. Players have the freedom to control the crews of customizable spaceships and space stations in a galaxy populated by other players and AI controlled NPCs.

Solar Crusaders on KickStarter™ Here’s our original article in prep for the campaign

Unlike similar games in the genre, Solar Crusaders utilizes an advanced agents system to populate the game universe with persistent computer controlled pirates, merchants, traders, smugglers, and more. The game will never feel empty or barren. Players will experience and explore features such as stars, moons, planets, asteroids, singularities, and even offers to colonize strategic locations. Each crew can be composed of five different races including Human, Monk, Plantoid, Robotic, and Creature, and each race will have their own appearance, behavior, and special ability; affording each a particular advantage in combat, diplomacy, or a wide variety of other possible enhancements. Crewmembers will be subject to perma-death, although this can be mitigated through insurance and cloning bays. Ships are highly configurable as well, with many systems being swappable and upgradable. Players must carefully manage resources including fuel, atmosphere, and ammunition, yet still perform specialized duties like piloting, engineering, weapons control, and more. Additional supplies and reinforcements are salvageable from discovered wrecks, created from resources or obtained from other NPCs or players. Solar Crusaders is a huge game with endless exploration and fun with its vast range of items, upgrades and resources.

Key Features:
● Open world space exploration with top-down tactical battles.

● Command and battle against multiple ships, with up to four ships under your command.

●  Colonize and exploit strategic locations by building space stations.

●  Participate in the simulated game economy by mining ores, refining fuels, or manufacturing ships, stations, and components.

●  Compete against other players and NPCs to develop faster and more powerful ships, and gain territory for your corporation.

Sounds pretty good to me. But of course let us know in the comments.

Solar Crusaders – Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon

Solar Crusaders is a multiplayer top-down strategy game featuring 4x gameplay, sandbox universe, real-time battles, and simulated virtual economy. You’ll control the crews of customization spaceships and space-stations in a galaxy populated by other players and A.I. controlled NPC’s.
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