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Looking Back – Was I Prepared for TitanFall?


Well TitanFall has been out for a year… yeah time flies. I felt like TitanFall was the game that required my time. So I picked up my Xbox One and preordered the game. Release day came, I ran to my local Gamestop picked up my copy. Once home and after the install I was calling in my Titan, running the battlefield and having a blast. All was good… until it was week 3. I was bored. Multiplayer is not my strongest area as a gamer. So I quit playing it, sold my copy and left it at that.
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Playstation Spring Fever Sale


Look at that… not only does it tell you about money you will save it drops dates for some of the most coveted games of 2015. I’m excited for several of these and look forward to picking them up day one. Let us know what you think in the comments.