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Whalebox Studios Launches Their Kickstarter For Goliath Today


For those of you that have been following my coverage of Goliath, you already know that Whalebox Studios has been planning a Kickstarter campaign to improve their game and incorporate all of the fan feedback they’ve received at conventions.

However if you’re unfamiliar with Goliath, then this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself. Goliath is the massively open world game where your survival depends on crafting the biggest baddest Goliath, to defeat the long forgotten monsters.

And today is the day that you get to help them make the best game possible, their campaign for Goliath went live earlier today.

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Whalebox Studios Reveals Their Kickatarter Plans For Goliath


Whalebox Studios has made a big decision regarding the future of Goliath… After discussions with players and gaming press, they’ve come up with a big list of ways they can make Goliath even better.

As a small team, they don’t have a giant robot-sized pile of extra cash sitting around, so they’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of some additional items.

Originally the campaign was planned to launch in July, but they decided to take some extra time to make the Kickstarter as good as it can be. The current plan is to launch the campaign on August 17th. 
Unfamiliar with Goliath? Check out our previous coverage here

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Goliath, Reveals New Screenshots & Trailers


Last month we were excited to share the announcement that Whalebox Studios is currently in the process of developing their dream project, Goliath.

While the team was at E3 they ran themselves ragged getting Goliath in front of the convention goers that were in attendance, however like much of you we weren’t among them… Today was our first chance to lay eyes on these new Screenshots & trailers. I’m definitely looking forward to the release of Goliath, the downside we’re looking at 2016 before that’ll happen.

Here's how the Whalebox team felt after running the guantlet at E3!

Just in case, here’s a brief refresher on the world of Goliath before we share the new images… Check out our original coverage if you’d like a little more depth.

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